Monday, June 1, 2009

In the London zoo's swan pursuit invades the territory fawn

A fawn invasion swan's territoryAccording to Britain Daily Mail reported that the British London the 30th temperature climbs to 26 degrees Celsius, not only the people felt first month of summer's burning hot, under the animals also thought to the water in cool. But when a fawn enters after in swan's water the territory, actually has encountered the heartless pursuit and the attack.

Britain capital London the 30th temperature climbed to 26 degrees Celsius suddenly, the London residents feels first month of summer's burning hot. In the London Richmond park, the animals also dehydrate drink water or cool. When under a fawn after water, actually accidentally has been encroaching upon in this domain master swan, it looks like does not want to share this lake waters with the fawn, aims at fawn's ear to peck fiercely immediately, guards own territory by might and main. Although the fawn is huger in the build, is occupying the superiority, but faces swan's maneating attack, it frightens falls flusters runs away. The swan after achieving the success which the territory security fights, also starts to play jokes upon leisurely and carefree with the swan baby on the water surface. But several fawns can only look at the swan by far, does not dare to approach easily again.

Swan's manner posture looks like mild-mannered and cultivated, one which very difficult to let the human imagine when their battle laughs in the face of death. The swan not only regarding invades the territory the other animal launch maneating attack, moreover also frequently has each kind of battle between the swan. These battles seem let the human both exclaim in surprise and distressed, because usually must by a side died comes to an end. It is estimated that about 3% swans die of the battle, this proportion to the birds is quite high. , no matter the swan is maintaining one kind rare “the life companion system” survives the winter in the south time is takes the food or the rest forms a pair. Female swan when spawning, the male swan is guarding in side, when meets the hostile organism, it whips the wing to go forward to meet the enemy, brave fights with opposite party. They not only mutually help in nursery stage each other, usually is also forms a pair, if dies, another also firmly can “maintain moral integrity” for it, lives alone life-long.

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