Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The German funeral, the tree burial has the touch of humanity

tree burialNow, the German is starting an environmental protection revolution in the funeral custom aspect. More and more people start to be willing to choose the tree burial, the collective to bury, the ecology to bury and so on environmental protection funerals.

Until now, Cologne was still following one ancient custom which spreads down from the middle ages: Deathbed must drink the next aging red wine. It is said this may awaken the dead deceased person's soul, scatters the devil, enables just before the end to obtain peacefully. By now, his family member lit the candle, places old person the one's side. First, prays for heavenly blessing with the candlelight for the deceased person's soul; Second, is the deceased person's soul illuminates road to the heaven. After the friend father leaves the world, the family member cleans the remains with the clear water. Their menstruation has the infinite supernatural power, can purify person's body and the soul. In Germany, before funeral many by burial of dead underground primarily. The people regarding around the tomb pit, are the dead prayers, is willing him to rest, the soul to rise into the heaven. However, had half dead to request the family member before death now for own arrangement environmental protection funeral. The tree burial is bone ash burying under the tree. The tree burial has the touch of humanity compared to the grave, the life may continue through a tree to continue.

Except the tree burial, the collective buries in Germany is also very popular. In a stretch of tomb, everybody anonymous constructs symbol in above to symbolize, like goddess statue. On the tomb kind of Man Ge plants the different fresh flower, each small bunch of flower represented a dead to die in here. The German also chooses the idle land to take the tomb, but non-special tomb; Coffin's needed materials are getting more and more simple, even uses the recycled paper to make, the dead encoffins when puts on is cotton material clothes, and replaces traditional by the wooden tombstone the marble tombstone and so on.

“environmental protection funeral” the tendency besides the German environmental consciousness enhancement, saves the expensive funeral and burial expense is also the essential reason. More and more Germans also start on-line reposing to dead's mournful thought that on-line establishes “the public cemetery” for the relatives and friends, above has deceased's picture, the biography, but also has relatives and friends' memorial ceremony oration and so on.

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