Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GM bankruptcy, we whether can also listen respectfully to US's heartbeat

on June 1, 2009, to the global automobile industry, is doomed is an unusual day. This day, foresaw actually before more than a half year, is only, when it arrives irresistible, regardless to the American to all competitor, has dismal which plants cannot say. This day, the whole world biggest Car company, has hundred year historical automobile aircraft carrier - - US GM, the suspend pay protection. But 20 years ago, in the GM automobile most magnificent age, the chevrolet brand which GM serves under somebody's banner, once had this kind of famous advertisement language: US's palpitation.

This day of evening, on the television screen, I saw that said to many pathos's picture - - ordinary American populace: I think am very sad, I once prayed, hoped is only temporary, but the fact is not true, is very sad. A GM dealer said: These vehicles are the American industry symbols, we once were biggest, are best and strongest, also once was most formidable. These tires give us the time the recollection, simple, but happier time. Fact indeed so. To many Americans, GM already is not only a Car company, it has symbolized American's status and the status, also has demonstrated US's industry strength. GM established in September 16, 1908, at that time the main automobile brand was Buick. Afterward several years, the GM one after another merger and acquisition and absorbed Aosimo to compare, Kaidilake, the chevrolet, Pang Diya the gram and so on automobile brands. Hereafter, automobile brands and so on Saturn, fierce-tempered horse, Sabo also one after another join GM. GM serves under somebody's banner Kaidilake is upper dog's symbol, regarding many people, has Kaidilake to mean that has realized the American dream. It can be said that GM sold the dream to all age's driver, GM already took root in the American culture.

This is President Obama speaks the partial contents, it lets us continue to listen respectfully to the American palpitation's sound - - “from the very beginning, I indicated explicitly, I supplement any more US dollar tax money, if it means that the extension bad trade decided that I reject the permanent sick person who enables these companies to become the country, has depended on the taxpayer's money continuously to survive. But I also realized that a valuable automobile industry regarding the family and community's happiness, the mid-west and even the American regional industries is how important. Is in the serious economic recession and in financial crisis's misfortune, will process not the good these company's matters concerned to destroy the innumerable American's life. Then I decided that if GM and the Chrysler Corporation and their benefit counterparts is willing to sacrifice their company's survival and the achievement, if they are willing to adopt difficultly, but the essential set-up procedure, causes itself to be more formidable, to be more capable, has the competitive power, then The US government will support them. Our government to will make approximately will be general 30,000,000,000 US dollars extra investments, the American taxpayers will have the approximately 60% new GM stock. Our goal is lets GM stand, we will adopt the procedure which drops not to manage, causes GM to obtain the rapid restoration. Therefore I believed that my today's announcement symbolizes the GM automobile will finish old the new GM Car company which entered one to be possible to produce high grade, safe, saves gas and oil, the GM automobile possibly will eagerly anticipate tomorrow the US to move toward the energy independent future, this time success will be symbolizing US's success. I acknowledged that today's news is specially important, not only because we in the discussion are a company, but is the GM Car company. This company, is not only a source of income, is makes generation of several generation of Americans to feel the arrogant automobile manufacturer. But, although the GM automobile will be different in the future with the past, but I believed absolutely, if manages appropriately, a new GM Car company will be able to provide the opportunity for new generation's American to hold own dream, may compete the world's the automobile manufacturer, and can become an American economy once more future constituent.”

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