Thursday, June 4, 2009

The British Aquarium uses “the conditioned reflex” the principle to tame the shark the pet

As soon as passes through the training, the shark may also become the genial animal
'smile' sharkAccording to Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" on 4th reported that in many person of eyes, the porpoise and the shark has like the angel and the devil defeats the purpose, but a British aquarium will defer to the method which the American scientists will study to tame certain varieties the shark, will cause them becomes looks like the pet to be equally tame, will carry on the hug with the humanity.

Renowned former Soviet Union scientist Pavlov uses “the conditioned reflex” the principle training dog only to form the specific habit, but the American scientists recent years also in the experiment used this way to tame successfully certain variety shark, caused them to be willing to let the diver take to bring with the water surface hug. The European SeaLifeCentres British branch's expert planned recently uses this way to tame over a hundred sharks, and believed that this will deepen them to this kind of animal's understanding. The crowded training's first stage will be raises the shark makes the conditioned reflex to the vision and the sound signal, will let them know oneself every day when which will accept feeds raises. SeaLifeCentres Britain various branches raise have many variety sharks, it is estimated that the brain best shark may the academic society after receiving signal You Jin grasps “an item of marker pole” in three months the animal tender, rubs the stick with the nose “to wait to serve a meal”. An expert said that Zebra shark and so on varieties even understood turns over the body, rubs the stick titillation with the abdomen, or lets the animal tender take to bring with the water surface obediently.

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