Thursday, July 16, 2009

TIRION Limited Edition obtains "The Best of Timepieces Award"

Milus TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds Skeletion 1919 - Limited Edition

on May 30, 2009, Couture Design the Awards 2009 magnificent ceremonies are held grandly in the American Las Vegas, surpasses 450 public celebrities on the spot, the designer, the retail merchant and the media public figure splendid attire attendance. The magnificent ceremony has made known 2009 year Couture Design Awards 12 big prizes. And MILUS TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 - Limited Edition from 200 candidate high-quality goods blooming, has the honor to receive Couture Design Awards 2009 The Best of Timepieces Award.

Couture Design Awards this item and various clocks and watches brand regards as the honor which by the independent designers longs for even in dreams, its passing prize winner, becomes the wrist watch and the jewelry field leader, and Yu Yenei takes on is developing the tidal current the role. 2009 year's participative works extremely have the creativity and the esthetic sense, each article are the artistic masterpieces.

This prize's MILUS TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 - Limited Edition, is to maintain to the MILUS tradition design respect as well as the respect which passes to the time, when brand 90th anniversary presents specially, the whole world only has 38.

The TIRION name stems from Orion, nearby equator is easiest to recognize, the most dazzling planet. on 2009 Barthel world jewelry clock and watch exhibition, “TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 - Limited Edition” 18K 6N red golden funds arouse the field interest, this kind started in the last century time the golden tone which used, remembered past times and classics, the testimony time, the testimony history. And actuates by the special edition's high quality Swiss machinery automatic cassette mechanism, the rhythm is precise.

Three second hands demonstrated that the area the design has great originality: Hollows out the hand and the minute hand highlight three blue color to return jump the second hand, every 20 seconds one time return jump the rhythm eyes cannot take it all. From 6:00 starts, the first second hand moves from right to left for 20 seconds later, then automatically returns to the rebound home position, by the 10:00 position second second hand relay, walks again the clockwise transformation to 2:00 position's second hands the final 20 seconds. Three second hand uninterrupted circulation operation, the beat rhythm, dances lightly.

Diameter 45 millimeter big watch cases, by 9 parts of constitutions, unique rare, lets the person impression be profound. The dial plate divides into two: First for the solar texture's cassette mechanism, second is attaches the blue color Arabic numeral the white index plate. At the back of the watch case the circular sapphire quartz table mirror perspective interior cassette mechanism operation which inlays by the screw attire, center the cassette mechanism inscribes the brand to symbolize that before godot hollows out the MILUS inscription. 6:00 position's big calendars, restore the old extremely richly the breath, the comfortable alligator skin watch band lets the wristwatch obviously elegant appearance. The individuality is unique, has the collection value extremely.

in 1919, in Swiss Bienne Route de Reuch enette, in artistic creation and in tradition production process well-trained and experienced clock and watch artisan Paul William Junod, stepped him to vainly hope for realizes the road - - to create one section to be in luck accurate, the modelling was elegant, the common people all wanted to have precious wrist watch. 90 years later, MILUS has received the foundation spirit which as well as founder's idea the fine Swiss wrist watch represents, promotes the impressive wrist watch art high-quality goods unceasingly. in 2009, MILUS “MILUS TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 - Limited Edition” the appearance, had demonstrated once more to the common people MILUS has the self-individuality, is loyal to the self-luxurious manner.

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