Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jaguar new style XJ, the London auto show will present officially on July 9

Jaguar the new XJ driving test spy illuminates

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London auto show which begins in July 9, Jaguar issue next generation XJ luxurious flagship vehicle department, afterward XJ will go on the market at the end of the year. New generation XJ is the Jaguar first model of equipment use spatial technology development aluminum system automobile body structure vehicle type, this vehicle will embark the cart yard newest 3.0 liter V6 turbine wheel diesel engine and 510 horsepower 5.0 liter V8 machinery turbo-charged engine.

Moreover it is reported that the standard edition issues one year later Jaguar will also promote one section to insert the electricity type mix power version, but the cart yard had not confirmed to this view. The new car tries hard the flaw - - obsolete modelling style which in the design corrects the current edition most person to denounce, simultaneously the more engine choices also changed the current edition dynamic system too sole problem. The new car outward appearance and C-XF have equally used for reference from the Aston Martin Rapide element. The formerly spy before demonstrating new car's head lamp headlamp modelling also with the XF sharing, but the rear light for the advanced LED lamp bank, its modelling design was from Bingley European land GT to speed along, but after this model of vehicle was also the XJ going on the market, will face one of competition vehicle types. The internal high tech equipment including the pressure induction type pressed key, the back light type glass faceplate and is from XF the files position selector, in vehicle's B&W sound system, regardless of sits in the vehicle any place may obtain makes the effect which one shocks.

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The new generation JaguarXJ outward appearance is more fashionable and is rich in the person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project, the internal installation and the disposition level promotes comprehensively, the dynamic system choice is richer, not only corrected the current edition flaw, and has applied the newest technical promotion driving performance and manoeuvring.

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