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Google is really framed by the plot?

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Jetzt exklusive Naturheilmittel sichern

These two days saw on Google Docs has an article which the anonymous public figure writes, said that analyzes according to the google tendency and Google Insights, on after the google searches “the son”, appears before the vulgar content is, artificial brushes the key words to form, to confirm the truth, I also through used Google Trends and Google insights for “the son” this key word to carry on the analysis.

According to Google Trends demonstration, “son” search quantity in June 17 time is also low, in 18th time starts to rise, on June 19 has achieved the crest, but CCTV news broadcast and the focal point interview attack google's program happen to is evening broadcast in June 18, therefore “son” the search quantity sharp increase has the possibility is completely because after the large audiences read the news, carries on the search produces, I remembered after I at that time read the news, has searched two times, believed regarding this pays attention the web cam can carry on the search, thus causes its search quantity the sharp increase. But the following news quotation quantity's growth with the above search quantity synchronization, showed exactly the news media is also are only then massive in June 19 reports this news.
On Google Trends about “son” 30 day of search data

Therefore, said google search “son” the information is “brushes” comes out, the enough evidence, just the opposite, the reverse side evidence but actually many, I in February, 2007, the google “the search suggested” just made something a matter of political line, I a truncation chart, had gotten down the chart was searches “the search which “the son” produces to suggest” at that time, explained that searches this key word indeed some questions.
in February, 2007 searches 'the son' the truncation screen

Absinthe - See things differently

Regarding the news broadcast and the focal point interview's report pattern as well as the interview form, many people are very repugnant, because it has regarding the Google bad information is exaggerating its refined language and the one-sided view, and afterward also presented Google the event which is kidnapped by the domain name, makes everybody to be very indignant, but not does unto other, does not do to others, if we use CCTV the form to refute CCTV, even uses one-sided or has the tendentious opinion to carry on misleading, this instead possibly will cause the matter will become worse, they said the lie already sufficed to be many, if we will also use the lie to counter-attack them, what that and they will have differently?

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