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Elvis Presley former dwelling becomes the private residence which most makes money

Graceful garden

After popular carefree king Michael · Jackson sudden dies, concerns him whether to bury “the illusion manor” the incident has wide divided opinions in its personal hotel. According to the media reported that present's illusion manor will become Los Angeles and even an entire US's big scenic site, may with the rock and roll giant star Elvis Presley former dwelling “the graceful garden” the setoff. In fact, Elvis Presley leaves the world suddenly after 32 years ago, the graceful garden already became “the celebrity former dwelling which the US most makes money” one.

The graceful garden located at American Tennessee's Memphis, has 600,000-700,000 tourists “to go on a pilgrimage” every year to this, the visit population is only inferior in the entire fine reputation person housing to the White House. in 2006, The US government includes it the American country protection inheritance name list, with the Washington manor, the Jefferson manor receives the highest courteous reception equally. Outside the graceful garden's avenue, is named as “Elvis Presley Road”.

Elvis Presley housing's mansion is one has 23 room red double-decked buildings, stands erect in the lawn and the great tree group. In the past 22 year-old Elvis Presley became famous the special edition with it "Sad Hotel" income 100,000 US dollars, has bought this former days's farm operator manor, as soon as and lived is 20 years, until 42 year old of death. It is said in the Civil War time, here is the famous Commander Robert · Li's command headquarters. Has 1630 square meters after the reconstruction manor, now manages by Elvis Presley only daughter Li Sa Mary. This once was the Jackson ex-wife's Elvis Presley daughter has the management brains, becomes 3 kind of different prices the graceful garden packing the tour traveling schedules, the admission ticket from 25 US dollars to 68 US dollars different. If is willing to leave the high price, but can also ride the private plane in the airborne bird's eye view manor panoram.

In Elvis Presley former dwelling's outer wall full is various countries' bean or sweet potato starch noodles doodle. On the wall could not find the blank really, also becomes the place which including sidewalk's floor tile the singer fan signs. Enters the former dwelling, the process covers entirely mirror's living room “the white hall”, then may visit the music studio, the honor hall as well as cat prince person's living room in turn and so on. Because the graceful garden was still Elvis Presley family's private property, two building's partial houses decline the visit.

Interest widespread Elvis Presley has the jungle complex, in the mansion has one between which he designs personally “the jungle hole room”. The wall and the roof decorate are imitating the moss the wall-hanging. Many toy monkeys scatter in each corner. Elvis Presley died preceding year, here is rebuilt the recording room, and filled has made in his life the final two phonograph records. in 2006, when is appointed Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in visit to US period as soon as arrives at the graceful garden to tour especially. According to “the New York Times” at that time reported that Koizumi deeply loves Elvis Presley , when visit “jungle hole room” sighed “if places oneself suddenly the dreamland”, even also puts on the golden frame sunglasses, imitated Elvis Presley classical movement - - - both hands to extend before on the spot, swung the buttocks greatly, is amazed Elvis Presley wife and daughters.

In former dwelling most appealing factor “honor exhibition hall”. Here is placing the load bearing Elvis Presley life magnificent each honor awarding cup and the dense and numerous golden phonograph record. In the display window is being hanging the luxurious performance clothing and the trundle broadcast's concert video recording, is declaring Elvis Presley unshakeable musical world status to the people. It is said in the past Elvis Presley sang often likes swaying from side to side the buttocks fiercely, looked like likely a tomcat, therefore is called by the south singer fan “from the south cat”.

Contemplates Garden

Goes out the mansion, then arrives at Elvis Presley and family member's tomb “Contemplates Garden”. First rests in this is unexpectedly together the small circle stone, it is said this stone reposes to be born less than 6 hours on the die young twin brothers soul of Elvis Presley. But Elvis Presley he is interred surrounds in the fresh flower the black marble lies under the tablet. Until now also has the singer fan to mourn by the side of the coffin in here for it.

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