Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jackson loves the virgin document truth, “the same year victim” the acknowledgment lay for the money

Jackson loves the virgin document truth, 'the same year victim' the acknowledgment lay for the money


Son of Heaven Michael Jackson walked, has left behind several billions US dollar debts, but these debt's source must sum up that field to occur in 1993 love child document. Was precisely this lawsuit has infiltrated Jackson in another indecent child scandal, also let him become “the target of universal detestation”. However, after 16 years, Jackson's dying, let once declare that oneself the boy Jordan conscience which harassed was discovered that said oneself let Jackson be punished unjustly. This late came “to confess” lets these once spurn Jackson's person to stare dumbfounded!

According to the American media on 28th disclosed that Jackson's sudden departure, lets currently 29 year-old Jordan decide no longer against one's conscience speaks, he wants to tell the common people “accept with difficulty” the truth! In the recording tape, Jordan said: “I had not thought must lie, had not thought that oneself will ruin the Michael Jackson's life. But, my father lets me lie. Now I cannot tell Jackson again me to have the multi-regret personally, is also unable to request his forgiving.” Home Page

Jordan disclosed that father Yiwan let year only 13 year-old him lies to psychologist and police said Jackson has moved his reproductive organ, and has compiled concerned Jackson sexual harassment own a series of rumors. Although, this creates a stir love child document subsides finally by 22,000,000 dollars as the out of court settlement condition, but a pile will meet a pile love child document to start from now on to entangle Jackson, Jackson starts to eat the analgesia phial bottle to become addicted. Jordan said: “now, I finally blow up truth - - Jackson who the courage says the fact not the matter which does to me any should not do. My all rumors all are to help my father to get rid poorly!”

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