Monday, July 6, 2009

"Night At The Museum 2" - - marvelous promotion

Night At The Museum 2

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Yahoo the media synthesis comments: C

The Yahoo user synthesis comments: B+

"New York Post": "Night At The Museum 2", although only then 105 minutes, actually as if have shown several day of several night, period I looked at very many inferior tables. The movie simply had not found its foundation of comedy, but the child will like very much, will possibly understand the tiny bit the knowledge.

"Daily Mail": Under a time the comedy which to 5 year-old child, entire family family members can appreciate experiences dangers.

"Arizona Republican Newspaper": It is not the rotten piece, is only adds something superfluous and ruins the effect work.

"Boston Globe": The scene is bigger, makes noise, dazzles, is stupider, simply does not have a photography reason.

"Hollywood Reports": This movie has demonstrated more species.

"Entertainment Weekly": People called about narcotic question healthy child movie.

" USA Today ": Makes trouble the plot is submerged by the crazy wrecking move.

"Daily Mirror": Suits the family pleasure the movie, fills the interesting lines, the great special effect and a succession of supporting role's marvelous show.

"Empire" magazine: This “night” livelier is also more attractive than first.
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Tellie said...

I still haven't seen this one yet. I forgot all about it, thanks for the reminder. I've heard so many good things about it, i'm excited!

skywind said...

Tellie, this movie is really very good. : )

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