Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Mass effect 2" like MMO does not allow heavy to play generally

'Mass effect 2' like MMO does not allow heavy to play generally

"Mass effect 2" before no longer like, will do may from the beginning carry on the game again and again!

We already knew that “Mass effect” has the trilogy, this made chief designer Preston Watamaniuk to disclose the other day in the official forum, at present manufactured the team to consider three major problems; 1st, how to design advanced to "Mass effect 2" from "Mass effect 3" the plot flow; 2nd, how played the family role to develop from second to third so-called final war this process must develop; 3rd, the special capability joined fostered the system after the role will have any new question.

In view of the fact that the above three questions, "Mass effect 2" will use the single flow the way, i.e., plays a role which the family founds only to be able to go through customs from beginning to end one time, regardless of this time you make into any appearance to be unable to change (put on file revision are different matter), if wants to have the formidable initial ability in third, then you should better in the second earnest game, one time take together as far as possible many empirical values and the stage prop. If you had not understood that this concept, you may refer to MMORPG, you found once the role founds can only from the beginning walk, after possible not to have promoted, practices the level again from 1 level, only if you found the role in addition, but "Mass effect" is also so. If you are not too satisfied to you this time entry, you can do have come on only then the heavy newly built role. Net You Zhongling founds the role the pain in "Mass effect 2" may realize that as before, constructs the role the goal is in addition certainly after to obtain better goods, creates a more perfect role, has must have loses.

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