Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gossip news: A British company allows the staff naked to work job

'best mode' the advertisement company staffs naked go to work.

When some companies allow the staff to put on encouragingly the casual attire goes to work, Britain's named “best mode” the advertisement company already forward again stepped out a stride: Allows the staff naked to work job.

“this idea has been too interesting”

Since this was not good located at the British Newcastle's advertisement design marketing company achievement, after cutting 6 staffs, they invited a commercial psychologist David Taylor to supply ideas for company's development. David gives the suggestion is “exposed Friday” - - - each week arranges one day, suggested that the staff “naked to work job”. “The absolute sincerity meets” through one day-long, rouses the team the spirit.

The onstage receives manager, this year 23 year-old Jackson to tell “ Daily Sun”: “this idea was too interesting. Now we already could not in the least the barrier facing opposite party naked.”When David the first time proposed “exposed Friday” concept time, has encountered the company all staff's consistent opposition nearly. However, most people agreed finally considers David's suggestion - - -, but, a male staff and a female staff insisted that requests to put on the underwear.

“group of brave warriors perhaps group of lunatics”

When just started attempts this brand-new way, company's staffs have not gotten it done in one action, but methodically lets this method accept gradually for everybody. For instance, everybody used one week time, the photographic printing to leave body's some part to demonstrate mutually. Afterward, the staffs by the invitation are a female model portrait, everybody paints a portrait while discusses her with the model to own body's view, finally only then starts to enter “exposed Friday” the link. Hence, everybody had completed already the preparation, can also with ease facing colleague's naked.

“we do not have any pressure. If we hoped that is putting on clothes, or is putting on the underwear, that does not have the question. But I already had been used to this way now, I love my body, not for it, but is ashamed.”Jackson expressed. Said with this company person in charge Mcowan's words that they either are group of brave warriors, either is group of lunatics. But after since “exposed Friday” implementation, company's business volume goes up truly, the company not only does not have to reduce staff again, but also has employed two designers.

Their office exposed experience is also cranked up a documentary film - - - “the office to meet nakedly”, and will broadcast in July in the British Wired Television station.

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