Sunday, July 5, 2009

Makes the watch chain with “Dog Tag” to pursue the tidal current public figure the stick

Makes the watch chain with 'Dog Tag' to pursue the tidal current public figure the stick
Makes the watch chain with 'Dog Tag' to pursue the tidal current public figure the stick

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Marc Ecko brand-new The Dog Tag chain table, the design inspiration has pursued the stick from the deep moisture person “Dog Tag”, has absolutely has the funds! But The Dog Tag sells by the box set form, altogether has three section of different design watch covers to let you replace at will, the freedom pieces together the strongest self-style.

Popular name “Dog Tag” the serviceman identification sign, its origin might pursue the new moon to 1861 American north and south civil war period. In the same year vast battlefield, this “Dog Tag” was each soldier's important individual label. At this point, “Dog Tag” stops not merely is inscribes the material the hard sign, it represents the strong individualism fashion to match the decoration, Hip Hop tidal current public figure like T.I., Jay-Z and Kanye West then frequently “Tag” does not leave the body.

Street corner tidal current icon brand Marc Ecko “dog tag” the self-spirit further carries forward, integrates the fashionable tidal current world the military uniform inspiration, incarnation becomes the standard chain table dog the tag, creates self-style intense The Dog the Tag series. Brand-new The Dog Tag chain table makes with the silver stainless steel, outlook outstanding honored; The cross-pointing time demonstrated that is brief and is practical, attaches three inscribes the different design “Dog Tag” the watch cover, lets you along with the time-variable body! Three “Dog Tag” watch cover design each different characteristic: Becomes “Ecko” by the spar shop the inscription, comes from Marc Ecko the graffiti doodle inspiration; Cut the &Sew greatly hot aristocrat design serves as contrast the twinkle aggressive skeleton, vigor cool glistens “the rhinoceros” logo “UNDEFEATED” the inscription, never says the defeat the individuality to be vivid.

However, “Dog Tag” endless is man's patent, just like recently Marc Ecko new icon: The beforehand playboy girl and Hollywood new star Kendra Wilkinson, by oneself has then deducted “Dog Tag” most fashionable enticement one side, both sexy and fills the standard. Marc Ecko The Dog Tag chain table is absolutely trendsetters matches the decoration necessarily, how walks can miss before tidal current most you?

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