Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fedex Murray with enters four, Nole scores an upset the outgoing

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2009 Wimbledon Championships has finished 10th play day contention. The men's singles four completely produce, Federer wins the serving war again, three defeat “the serving machine”; Murray defeats beforehand world first Juanqui, for the first time enters Wimbledon Championships four; But Nole again negative “golden boy” not having the good fortune semi-final; Roddick in fights five after Hewitt, has attained the last four strong admission tickets.

Federer: Three win is promoted successfully

Swiss Son of Heaven Federer has welcomed the competition 22nd seed, Croatia in today's 1/4 finals “the serving machine” Karlovic. Karlovic already sent out in the four round competition astonishingly 137 has recorded ACE, surpasses second Roddick 41 many, and four competitions have not been broken by the match a game, but depends upon merely obviously serves is also insufficient to defeat him. Federer first namely breaks successfully, after having withstood opposite party 23 ACE ball bombing finally, drops down three by 6-3, 7-5 and 7-6 (3) defeats Karlovic, 21st time rushes in all-inclusive semi-final continuously.
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Murray: Three win enter four

Load bearing Britain all people infinite hope's competition 3rd seed Murray dropped down three today by 7-5, 6-3 and 6-2 has defeated beforehand world first, Spain veteran Juanqui, sneaks in Wimbledon Championships four for the first time . Although Juanqui hits in today's competition is very tenacious, but faces the world three contestants, he has not been able to create the miracle, but holds the clamp to participate rushes to eight strong performance to be also worth bravely respecting. After Murray rushes strongly four, 73 years had already not bribed the champion awarding cup from the English to be also near one step. Before his semi-final's match will be between two, world first Roddick and the Hewitt victor.

Nole: Negative golden boy, halts again eight strong
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Nole in does not win the championship originally before “Wimbledon Championships” the popular row, but after continual several round strong trend performance, Nole in “Wimbledon Championships” at the beginning of prospect obviously bright. What a pity he has not been able the good condition extension, to struggle hard four to lose today 31 year-old Germany to be already old once more “the golden boy” Haas. Soon the Halley match finals before, was precisely Haas prevents Nole to capture oneself first lawn sports event champion footsteps, to the world fourth, this competition's unfavorable situation old enmity has not eliminated, also added hates newly. It seems like that in all-inclusive competition the fighting spirit fully suffered Nole which denounced to need the further enhancement truly. After this competition victory, once “the golden boy” has sneaked in “Wimbledon Championships” for the first time four.

Roddick: Determines the final outcome the hare, rushes to four bravely

The two beforehand world first today has really offered a splendid peerless war for us. Final competition 6th seed Roddick even better, after having sent out astonishing 43 record Ace, depends upon the rubber the key to break wins this five war's victory, the success has defeated the condition to return to brave Australia “hare” Hewitt, rushes in four. The semi-final, Roddick will confront Britain “all the people to hope”, competition 3rd seed Murray.

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