Friday, July 24, 2009

The kidnapping traveling, is willing the quilt " to kidnap "

Puts on the traditional clothing's Yemeni woman to herd

In the world tourism program variety is more and more, all sorts of strange and unusual. Recently named which pools capital by Saudi Arabia and Yemen “travel of the desert” the traveling company arises suddenly the fantasy, has set up a brand-new tourism program: Works as a hostage voluntarily. This project sets up 6 months, the business good links the organizers to be surprised. It is said that Europe's tourists especially crave this project, everything spent has bought the European tourist who this “crime” receives, finally is delighted.

According to this company's introduction, participates in this activity to be very simple, so long as turns in 500-1500 US dollars, this company will let you encounter one time “to kidnap”.

The traveling experience stimulates thrillingly, but the tourist must sign a written agreement first, agreed voluntarily, when 3 days are kidnapped victim. The agreement signs, the tourist then starts in Yemen's capital San'a to visit some historic monuments.

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Plays in the tourist the ecstatic some time, he will be kidnapped suddenly by the unknown some desert Nomadic tribe the boundless desert. In this Nomadic tribe, a person has not been able to listen to, to be able to speak or can write the foreign language, only knew that they belong to the Bedouin. In the following time, the tourist must everywhere move with the entire tribe, lives in the account awning, daytime must go against the hot sun to seek for the water source, to dig a well; Must seek in the desert with preparation food, puts draft animals and so on raise sheep, camel, the academic society uses the traditional weapon which the Bedouin uses to obtain by hunting animals and so on rabbit, desert large mouse and wild bird; At the same time, but must become a modern people's rhythm of life “the kidnapper” is completely same as yours desert, forgets the mechanical time, only depends on photostar and so on sun, moon revolutions to arrange the daily life, the practical training. 72 hours later, you can travel the human who the company comes to rescue.

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“works as voluntarily one time hostage” tourism program from Yemeni ancient tradition custom. In the desert nomads go on an expedition mutually, kidnapping is the important operational method mutually, is only this family travels the company to know how to make money, turned unexpectedly the tradition the source of wealth. A magazine introduced that Britain once some people set up go to Kashmir works as 3 month guerrilla's tourism program, it is said entrant also very enthusiastically. This kind the modern urbanite who looks like the very absurd weird matter also to be able to attract in large numbers unexpectedly does not worry the warm and sufficient condition, but also was really had reflected on the person body contradicted two basic characteristics: Likes maltreating and be maltreated. Fitness Equipment Store Custom Golf Clubs

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