Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Limits the quantity 5 vehicles, Pagani promotes the Cinque hood version vehicle type

Recently, Italian super race car manufacturer Pagani had promoted new vehicle ZondaCinque Roadster. This company established by Horacio Pagani in 1992, concentrates the top race car's production.

Is the same with ZondaCinque, the ZondaCinque Roadster vehicle type with to limit the quantity version vehicle type - - only 5. In order to produce the hood vehicle type, has the carbon fiber and the titanium alloy making chassis originally makes the structural adjustment, adapts the new car formidable power. In the pilot forehead above position is the AMG V12 engine's air inlet.

The output aspect, the new car is 678 horsepowers with 780N/m. Other dispositions have included, has the ceramic coating titanium alloy exhaust pipe, 6 to keep off the sequence type gear box, 20 inch aluminum magnesium alloy wheel hubs, the Pirelli P-Zero tire. The ZondaCinque Roadster complete bikes weight is only 1210kg, hundred kilometer rise times are 3.4 seconds.

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