Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Land of the Lost" - - weak and happy

Land of the Lost

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“only then has the good box office amusingly”, "Land of the Lost" is this law reverse side model, Will Ferrell the leading science fiction risk piece "Land of the Lost" invests by the Hollywood film comedian over a billion, the first week only deposits 19,500,000 US dollars box offices, is the ranking third, is inferior to anticipate by far. This piece loses is not accidentally, the numerous movie critics and the movie fans do not favor this plot identically, not in the least the fresh idea movie, gives the rank in pairs “C” grading.

The Yahoo media synthesis comments: C
The Yahoo user synthesis comments: C

"Los Angeles Weekly": Together happy actually ordinary pudding.

"News daily": "Land of the Lost" is not a child movie, but is one movie which shoots for the thought weak audience, the movie not mature humorous and the inferior plot possibly lets 14 year-old child think interesting, is actually unable to try to please 5 year-old child.

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"Dallas Morning paper": Is very from beginning to end strange, from time to time inundates without the goal, from time to time does truly smiles.

"Philadelphia Daily": 13 year-old following boy and the Ferrell movie fan will like, but the movie will be very difficult to let the more audience photographic memories.

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"Houston Jishibao": The movie has become some kind of closer Dada, but is not the traditional humorous comedy brand.

"Entertainment Weekly": "Land of t Lost" has the interesting place which many scatters, but generally speaking gives the human the scattered in disorder insufficiently coherent feeling.

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"New York Newspaper": "Land of the Lost" got rid of the 70s television anthology formulation pattern, has filled the clever speech plausibility pleasure.

"All the Movies": Danny McBride does very much in the piece smiles, but also is not very frequently funny.

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"Jam! Movies": Here I announced that since "Land of the Lost" is the dinosaur movie which most has done following "Caveman" smiles. Was still bored and ignorant, has not enabled the human to be possible slightly the arrogant place. Web Hosting
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