Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World of Warcraft GM exposure equipment, the scope of a spike trick

GM shirt - dark gold color, the most powerful vestWorld of Warcraft is equipped with the GM who will know? In fact, no one knows, but the GM of a small error so that the equipment came to light.

Let us work together to sort out what the cause of the incident: Karatechop a player's name was just a casual Society Association, but in the 3.1 patch on the line, they Association surprising speed to keep a copy of raids ardal the BOSS, many other players out of curiosity to find out what they began to progress by leaps and bounds reasons, found that the players named Karatechop the highest injury blow 5 million to 300 million. And many people who have abnormal unimaginable success. So some people started to view his list of heroes, surprised to find that he owns a shirt GM: This dress is the ability to spike 30 yards all within the scope of biological ... ... The reason is always the fault of mail cargo, GM sent the wrong shirt, the one God equipment sent to the players.

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