Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Need for Speed13:Shift", the latest game screenshot

Need for Speed13:ShiftEA announced at the official website added a new car for "Need for Speed13: Shift" game screenshot. In addition, EA Jesse Abney producers a recent interview revealed that GT video site, "Need for Speed 13" released in August this year demo version, but he has given no clear indication is that the platform does not rule out the XBOX360 will be the first released version. Slightly Mad in this game will be studio, Black Box Executive Producer Michael Mann and EA Games Europe, Senior Vice President Patrick Soderlund joint production, will pass the most spectacular player immersive driving experience. "Need for Speed13: Shift" will be driving again in an unprecedented manner the true high-end racing car feel. The charm of its exciting features include a super-real perspective camera driver, as well as the first brand new car loss mechanism for the players deeply intoxicated with the core action game to the most advanced way of control car driving experience unmatched speed feelings and passion.
Need for Speed13:Shift"Need for Speed13: Shift" version will be landing PC/XBOX360/PS3/PSP, Europe will be the first to put on sale September 17 in North America will be on sale September 22.
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