Sunday, May 10, 2009

Diablo designer for the new "Torchlight" in the market in 2011

The collapse of Flagship Studios in the came tumbling after, many developers have created a new development studio. Runic Games is one of the original founders of Blizzard North's Max Schaefer, founded the new company, the first works "Torchlight" at the perfect time and space to obtain a more global by the players after the copyright concerns. The first batch of screenshots of the game came to light after the players exclaimed: "It's Dark!" This, Schaefer in an interview with the media, specially made to clarify.

In an interview with the media, Schaefer explained that the artistic style of the game: "" Torchlight "is an action RPG game, the succession of the previous" Mythos "style. There are a lot of teams the former Diablo developers, so the style of the game is easy to arouse people's memories of Diablo series. "Schaefer clarify once again that despite the Diablo games and are completely different, but he still hopes the same players as the popular favorite Diablo" Torchlight ". He also revealed that games for the idea of charging models. He said that the game will appear in the form of props charges. He was charging mode network in Asia much appreciated: "We feel that charging mode props in Asia in the near future online games market in Europe and America will become the standard model. Just the beginning of this model is only a private server in order to confront, but gradually shows that a lot of advantages. "

"Torchlight" will also have a unique distribution model. Schaefer said that before the introduction of online games, games in Europe and the United States will launch a stand-alone version of the game so that players are familiar with the environment first and then slowly into the gaming world. Stand-alone version of the game has been basically completed, and received a good response. Staff also left after work to play games, show that the game had the desired effect. According to Schaefer said the stand-alone version of the game is expected to launch in the second half of this year, while the network version of the first stand-alone version should be in the 18 months before coming to market, projected to the earliest we can play the first half of 2011, this network section.
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