Friday, May 8, 2009

The Australian government issued a warning young people not to "sexual messages"

According to Reuters, New South Wales, Australia has recently launched a government education campaign aimed at cracking down on rampant "sexual messages" behavior. The Australian government warned those who love the young-onset SMS: short interest in the bare with a sexually suggestive pictures or the content is likely to be posted on the Internet or sent to others, eventually led to sexual harassment or even sexual abuse.

With a camera phone, as well as the popular social networking site, the proliferation of text messages started to become parents and schools a lot of concern. New South Wales Department of Community Services Minister Linda Burnie said in a statement: "Young people often do not consider the consequences of their acts. They think that the innocuous contents of the jokes or flirting the wrong place if the fall, it will create a very damage. Imagine, if these pictures were on the Internet or through mobile phone delivery, anywhere in the world can see them, this is what a horrible thing ah! At that time, or re-enter the deletion of these elements is impossible. They will always be present, and future damage to your relationships or career prospects. " New South Wales Government has been to schools, parents and young people, issued a notice written on the potential of text messages warned of life-long impact. Bernie Minister also urged parents with children to exchange on this topic and to check their social networking site, the information whether there is inappropriate picture. She said: "More and more parents are telling me that they fear their children will be committed life-long regret the error."

SMS is not just Australia of a national face. Last year, a survey conducted by the United States shows that 1 / 5 of young people said they had their own semi-nude photos or photos posted online or distributed to others. Another 39 percent of respondents indicated that they had sent sexually suggestive messages or upload. Even a girl because of his nude spread in the school and committed suicide.

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