Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Japanese Departures lets the funeral be warm

Japanese Departures lets the funeral be warmAfter the Japanese movie "Okuribito" wins the Oscar best foreign language piece prize, starts in Japan to reflect hotly, Departures this occupation also starts becomes is been familiar with by the people. Before this, these people in the Japanese unusual low key, do not publicize their status as far as possible.

In the past in Japanese others some people passed away, usually will ask Departures to come to the family in for the dead to arrange the things to do after death. Transforms along with the time, some big urban already not special Departures, the people give mostly the funeral matters concerned the funeral parlor, but in some villages, Departures still existed.

Departures is generally holds simply in front of the bereaved encoffins the ceremony, cleans up each spot from head to foot first for the dead, lets see dead family member at the same time to look at reverently its deceased remains finally without enough time, afterward requests the family member 11 to wipe the face for it, also will request the family member to take the thing which the dead will like before death most to come for him to see off. If before having the family member to take the lipstick which the dead is born, most likes for it to scratch, has the granddaughter to complete the grandmother to want to put on a sock set of wish before death, puts out the sock set to put on to the grandmother, entire encoffins a ceremony as if warm touching dear ones play. The tradition will encoffin the flow also to take a bath for the dead, to wash hair, cleans up the oral cavity and puts in the inside the mouth including deodorizes the medicament cotton, will be quiet, the nose with the cotton wool batting stopper and so on, will be fastidious will also inject the silica gel and so on to let dead's face look like compares Fengrun, will then be puts on make-up, to put on the shroud, the goner to lay aside to the coffin in seals the coffin. Departures must face various corpses, because for instance cancer later period death's person facial expression is very usually painful, this need Departures by reason of long-term accumulation experience and adept technology its repair “normal”. The laying aside time long remains can present the extravasated blood. These need Departures to make the appropriate readjustment immediately. Departures is treated as in Japan “the duty person”, namely the professional, needs the very deep time, in Departures many females.

Maintains dead's dignity, lets them move toward the heaven by the most beautiful posture, this kind of work idea is receiving more and more person's approvals. Many young people after watching "Okuribito", in abundance telephones to the funeral parlor, the wish becomes Departures.

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