Monday, May 4, 2009

Survey shows that the majority of British people is not inviting the face of Windfall

The British "Sunday Telegraph" A survey conducted showed that most British people to face the temptations of windfall when unmoved.

Last week, the British woman and her husband, banker face ATMs spit out error and the £ 61,000 move greedy, he was sentenced. The newspaper subsequently conducted a survey to see if the British in the face of what windfall when the heart at every turn. A reporter from a teller machines outside supermarkets in 20 pounds after the extraction of "forget" to take on the left, the next person money immediately returned the money press. Journalists also tested 3 times, each time "stolen" and even a man will always catch up with the money returned to the supermarket press. Later, a reporter for the local testing. In addition to a young person, other people pick up their money money back to him.

Being tested in the return visit, the reporter heard the true idea of the British general. A 21-year-old girl said: "This is just a behavior of Care. I work in a bar, there are always guests forget something, I always will be what the visitors back." A young man said: "Although I really need money, but I do not have the idea of the money misappropriated. "

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