Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Quake Wars" mystery developer of a new exhibition in the E3

It is reported that preparations for embracing Bethesda "Fallout 3" game in the traditional fall-out of the surging market, the European Division of the Marketing Manager of GameIndustry reporters that its "Splash Damage" studio (once the development of "Quake Wars") preparing to introduce a FPS new works, although the name did not even announced, but they "believe that this is a breakthrough work, the real masterpiece shocking."
'Quake Wars' mystery developer of a new exhibition in the E3"In pursuit of the quality of work in terms of development, its treatment and" Fallout 3 "is the same. It has an innovative multi-super-elements, we do not want to release too fast." Eidos Tomb Raider developer also on another occasion, said a similar case, the head of Ian Livingstone told reporters: "Under a tomb I guess a lot of people make no small surprise that the series will have a big change." "We want to be in this new forbidden to add some things, so that you can not help but blurted out 'ah, Laura, me love you!'"

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