Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cezanne town in France to trace the footsteps of Masters

CezanneCity-en-Provence in southern France is the home of famous painter Paul Cezanne.

Walking in the streets en-Provence, you will find yourself surrounded by Cezanne: Cezanne Avenue Plaza Cezanne, Cezanne hospitals, schools Cezanne, Cezanne coffee shop, barber shop Cezanne ... ... the local people will enthusiastically tell you, Where is the former residence of Paul Cezanne, Paul Cezanne has become famous for allowing St.Victoria, where Hill also. Even so, the Tourism Bureau or a specially designed "road Cezanne": Cezanne in and adjacent to the construction of roads, there is the artist name inlaid in copper, and thus produced a "In Search of Cezanne footprint" map. These go along with copper, it is equivalent to find the master track of life time. To the en-Provence, a place can not be missed, and that is the final Cezanne had a studio. Cezanne died before 5 years, all the paintings are completed here. The studio is located in the hills on the north-en-Provence. Cezanne in old age due to inherit his father's legacy is the point of economic strength, in 1901, he bought a piece of hill land of 7000 square meters, with ten months of time to build a studio. Squish onto the wooden staircase creaked, two-story small building is the workplace of the artist. Now, the table is still placed with the plaster statue of Cupid fruit; with leftover paint, brushes to maintain the status quo; Cezanne's hats, coats are hung on clothing meticulous room. Opened the curtains, St.Victoria Hill stood leisurely in the distance, everything looks as before, people felt that inter-trance to the mountains between the big beard sporting a long sketch of the President will come back at any time.

From the Tourism Bureau can be reached by buses St. Victoria town, the area along the city can enjoy the mountain atmosphere of his mother. Victoria Hill is a St. Paul favorite "female model", in addition to his wife, mother and sister, Cezanne seldom come into contact with other women, in his works it is difficult to see the portraits of young women. However, he was for St. Victoria Hill had 44 oil paintings and 43 watercolors. Today these works are in private collections or museums around the world. Cezanne painting features some of the realities of today are still scenes with pigeon-holing, including rice, Alpine Road, the medieval village of red roofs, as well as power plants and so on. This makes me excited fans of the Cezanne. The artist was in a letter addressed to friends once said: "Once was born in Aix, you do not mind going somewhere else ... ..." It can be said that the city en-Provence Cezanne given stream inspiration, and Cezanne has become the city's soul and pride.
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