Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Cheapest car" Nano mini-car bookings 200,000 super

India's Tata Motors said in a statement that more than 203,000 people booked a mini-car Nano, will reach 512.6 million dollars in sales. According to the Associated Press reported that due to limited production capacity, Tata companies in the April 9 to April 25 period Nano accept reservations. India's car sales in the fiscal year to 1.5 million, Nano this sale is a rare achievement.

Nano micro car four claims to be the world's cheapest car, at high, medium and low 3 files, "luxury paragraph" Nano is equipped with air-conditioning and power windows, the cheapest pre-tax price of a 2050 dollars only, no air-conditioning, power windows and power steering and so on.

The statement said that 203,000 people in that 50% of the book is the "luxury article" Nano, 20% reservation is the cheapest model, and another 30% reservation is mid-range models. Although 203,000 people have booked Nano, but in July this year to the end of 2010, Tata will only be able to produce 100,000 Nano. Known that the first batch of 10,000 vehicle owners Nano10 generated by drawing lots. Tata's capacity problem is its Achilles heel. Currently, it has only one factory Nano. In October last year, Tata Singur in West Bengal while the city of 90% of new plant construction projects have been completed, but due to protests by local farmers were forced to move to Gujarat, is expected to be completed the end of this year.

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