Sunday, May 10, 2009

Navy Seals, "Rogue Warrior" to determine the end of sale

Bethesda announced, PC/PS3/Xbox 360 version of first-person shooting game "Rogue Warrior" will be No. 4 in the 2009 quarter. This for self-published in 2006 there has been no further news from the original developer Zombie Studios also in 2008, became a Rebellion Studios. Rebellion Studios due to re-develop the making, so when the game market has become concerned about the issue of players, this time, we can be sure that the latest basic Christmas will certainly be available for sale.

Be derived from the best-selling author of military novels, the former U.S. Navy SEALs members of the same name, Richard Marcinko fiction, games to the current sensitive to the story of the background of the issue of nuclear weapons, the use of a topical combination of popular multiplayer tactical game system to be led by elite players team into North Korea to investigate the enemy's nuclear weapons facilities and the ability to detect the enemy's nuclear weapons technology, is a combination of people to connect with the secret operations into a new type of first-person shooting game. This for a total of up to 10 game modes, including single-story mode and multiplayer for the use of barriers such as the rich tasks. The game supports up to four players battle together, it is worth mentioning is that in multiplayer mode to support the production of feature points, the players can set up their own game maps, a total of more than 200 kinds of combination of the above.
Rogue Warrior
Rogue Warrior
Rogue Warrior
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