Thursday, May 14, 2009

PopCap's executives joined, Blizzard intends to enter the casual games

Has served as general manager of Xbox LiveArcade and "Peggle" developer PopCap (North America's largest casual game developers,'s classic game "Zuma," "Bejeweled," and so on) GregCanessa vice president of the company will join the Blizzard . It is, GregCanessa will co-vice president of Blizzard RobPardo not open to a development of online games.

Blizzard has recently demonstrated a great interest in casual games, following the "Bejeweled" after the developer turned the United States "Peggle" joined the "World of Warcraft" players in the game as the process of waiting for the recreational activities. This also led to the outside world for those seeking leisure Blizzard speculation network. GregCanessa will be whether its casual game experience to heavy snow in the letter of the development of this network? We will wait and see.
World of Warcraft to join casual game Bejeweled
World of Warcraft to join casual game Peggle

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