Saturday, May 16, 2009

Presence of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan to attack the Taliban to wear pink underwear

U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan, a 19-year-old soldiers engaged the Taliban wear pink underwearAccording to U.S. media reports on May 14, stationed in Afghanistan, U.S. military soldiers, a 19-year-old wearing a pink underwear pictures engaged the Taliban made him a celebrity. Associated Press photographer to capture a photo shows the 19-year-old Army sergeant Boyd professionals in Kunar province in Afghanistan in Senegal Valley Branch Restrepo fire into the defensive positions inside the base, the base was at the time Taliban fire. He was wearing a four underwear, underwear red color on the printed "I love New York" words. "New York Times" on the 12th in its front page photo.

Boyd's mother, living in the city of Keller, Texas. She said that Boyd was sleeping, someone opened fire to his base, he did not have time to wear uniforms or boots. Boyd has called on the 11th of his parents, he may at the newspaper said. His father, Tommy Boyd, said that when he log on "The New York Times" Web site, he laughed for five minutes. Tommy told the media that: "I know he has been wearing underwear four conservative, I am of course aware of this. I do not know to wear pink underwear, underwear on the printed do not know 'I Love New York' words." Boyd graduated from the Keller city in 2007 the Central School, he is the 26th U.S. Infantry Regiment 1st Battalion service.

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