Monday, August 10, 2009

VERTU pushes ASCENT the TI carbon fiber series

VERTU pushes ASCENT the TI carbon fiber series

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Global first continues by exquisite craft skill world famous honored communication product manufacturer Vertu to lead the material quality innovation, insisted that applies the brand-new material quality in the global top mobile phone's prevailing custom, promotes dizzy ASCENT TI Carbon Fibre the series.

The carbon fiber is recognized as one which of modernized luxurious material qualities is most receives now welcome, is also Vertu Ascent the Ti mobile phone remarkable performance essence is. This kind of material quality is widely applied in the vehicle race, the navigation and the aviation domain, shows its outstanding performance.

Vertu used the advanced new design method to have the extremely high strength material to this kind to carry on the engineering design, produced precise and the advanced carbon fiber part, used in Ascent the Ti mobile phone.

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Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre uses the pure manual craft manufacture in Britain to become, through tests many times, guaranteed textile fiber and the resin allocated proportion achieves the best proportion, after the processing, causes straight and the curving part can have the perfect unified outward appearance, this verified Vertu to insist the top craft and the engineering design rigorous manner once more.

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Each section of mobile phone's slanting rib outward appearance through the cross grain carbon fiber knitting craft formation, the accomplishment mobile phone fills the modern feeling the firm outward appearance; Uses the carbon fiber selects the smallest specification which has custom-made specially is 1000 knitting widths, forms the design has the perfect three dimensional effect.

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ASCENT the TI carbon fiber series includes: Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre limits quantity version, Carbon Fibre Grip, Carbon Fibre & Aluminium Grip as well as Carbon Fibre & Copper Grip.

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This phone is is not for the faint of heart. It is a masterpiece but only useful to the true world traveler. Unless you are trying to show off with a brand name this mobile is my most indispensable assistant at home and over seas.

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