Thursday, August 20, 2009

Britain contracts incurable illness star to hold the wedding ceremony, disseminates news the power to sell high price on the spot

Jade Goody and her fiance Jake Veid

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According to British Broadcasting Corporation reported that the body contracts incurable illness's British television honorable person show star Jade Goody and her fiance Jake Veid at one time “enthusiastic, happy” the ceremony gets married especially. Goody narrated 21 year-old bridegroom Veid is especially how to know perhaps she can only live again for several months later to her proposed that proposes. Britain "Daily Sun " the report said that the Goody rejection wears the veil at the wedding ceremony, she hoped that the guest saw she because of accepts bald which the radioactive treatment creates. "OK! " the magazine has bought this wedding ceremony ceremony's property rights by 700,000 pounds, according to reported one to manufacture the related Goody biography series program's television station also to invest 100,000 pounds to purchase wedding ceremony's showing power. Goody instructed that this money leaves her completely two sons, 5 year-old Bob and 4 year-old Leddy.

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Tellie said...

wow, didn't know that was even possible.

skywind said...

All things all have the possibility, Tellie. :)

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