Saturday, August 1, 2009

The ABSOLUT VODKA brand-new limits quantity MIN IBAR


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Came from Sweden's world famous brand ABSOLUT VODKA recently to issue that brand-new ABSOLUT MINI BAR limited quantity version. This section of new version modelling is succinct, integrates the modern architecture brief style take the pure white as the design subject, reveals the midsummer night to be able naturally the fashionable breath.

The ABSOLUT MINI BAR design inspiration comes from ABSOLUT VODKA the hometown Sweden, the local unique polar day phenomenon causes party to become the essential element in the life. Follows the ABSOLUT consistent individuality creativity essence, new version ABSOLUT MINI BAR “is ubiquitous party” the subject integrates boldly the packing design: Has the silver label which the construction structure esthetic sense's pure white outside box modelling and the box body glistens to form the sharp contrast; Embedded handle convenience body carrying; The subversion tradition starts out from opposite directions folio the type design to make the box body to be possible to open from the middle crown to about both sides, classical primary taste ABSOLUT VODKA crustification in which; Fang Heke delays to 180 degrees puts the ice piece abundantly, the fruit and sends to match plays the part and so on, causes it instantaneous changes the body is along with MINI BAR.

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No matter is cool swimming pool party, the relaxed peaceful reunification, ABSOLUT MINI BAR may promote different subject paryt the heat degree, makes it not to lose gracefully, the interest is full. Has one's wish wields sprinkles mixes builds the creativity, enjoys the tone riotous cocktail heartily, enables you with ease to become adjusts the liquor master!

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ABSOLUT VODKA promotes dazzles the cool original to limit quantity version to be famous, following 2006 BLING-BLING,2007 year DISCO, and after last year's MASQUERADE limited quantity version, this summer promotes brand-new ABSOLUT MINI BAR, continued ABSOLUT VODKA to have the legendary color creativity journey once again.

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Julian said...

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buy viagra online said...

Absolut Vodka is the best brand of vodka in Sweden and in the world, I have made some great parties with this liquor, so I think that your information is truth because I am a fanatic of Absolut!! d2dd!

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This vodka is so delicious!

Elliott Broidy said...

Oh wow

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