Monday, August 3, 2009

The German female naked swimming is taken for is drowned is missing, police big search

naked swimming

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Because a German naked swimming's female possesses her clothes carry-over on the beach, some people suspected that she possibly already drowned executes, finally initiates a wave massively “the ground to air search”.

The cause is some playing discovery this female's clothes, therefore informs the rescue groups immediately. The rescue unit then sets out the helicopter and 25 rescue groups carries on the land, sea and air to big search.

Succor's searched for three hours west of Munich Furstenfeldbruck area's seashore. Is only has expected this named Kelun- Cui Sile naked swimming female completely, is only tours to the next door beach continues to play. When she discovered the helicopter when the sky circles, because is stark naked, instead does not dare to look for her clothes.

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A succor said that ﹕ “she saw after the helicopter, large quantities of police and search and rescue the personnel, but also thought that was others left any important matter. She has a dream had not thought that these human and the helicopter is comes to her. She wants to hide originally, when after the people leave, only then goes back looks for her clothes. Has not expected her to wait for a long time, accumulation police are more!”

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