Sunday, January 15, 2012

"MSDN Magazine" 2011.07-08

MSDN name is Microsoft Developer Network. This is Microsoft's software developers a information service. MSDN is actually a Visual Studio and Windows platform as the core of integrated development of virtual community, including technical documentation, online tutorial, network virtual laboratory, Microsoft product download ( almost all of the operating system, server, application and development of procedures for the official version and beta, also includes a variety of DDK and software development kit ), Blog, BBS, MSDN WebCast, cooperate with CMP MSDN magazine, and so a series of services.

"MSDN Magazine" 2011.07

MSDN Magazine
MSDN Magazine

FileServe:"MSDN Magazine" 2011.07.PDF

FileSonic: "MSDN Magazine" 2011.07.PDF

"MSDN Magazine" 2011.08

MSDN Magazine
MSDN Magazine

FileServe:"MSDN Magazine" 2011.08.PDF

FileSonic: "MSDN Magazine" 2011.08.PDF

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